Bertie Harriman-Smith

Freelance Videographer

I capture and create moving, authentic and entertaining videos.
Based in London, I have my own kit and edit using Premiere Pro.

Everything in my showreel is filmed, directed and edited by myself.

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Previous clients include:

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All videos filmed, directed and edited by myself.

Promotional video with interviews for a freestyle rap course by the improvised musical group Acaprov.

Branded documentary for a chain of boutique boxing gyms in West London.

A video showcasing the social enterprise MenSpeak's International Men's Day celebration.

A showcase of well-being organisation Soulhub's events at the Big Retreat Festival in Wales, including nature walks and group singing.

Event video for an outdoor dance class held by Strictly Come Dancing participant Andrew Cuerden

Promotional video for 'Learn To Fly', a holistic life coach based in Scotland.

"Absolutely blown away by Bertie's incredible talent - he turned our special moments into moving, cinematic videos that we'll treasure forever."
-Andrew Cuerden, 'Strictly Come Dancing' Professional Dance Teacher

"Bertie cuts together the most touching, hilarious, intimate and memorable videos, bringing heart and soul on the screen so who and how we are can clearly be seen. What a lovely man he is!"
-Kenny MDC, Founder MenSpeak Men's Groups CIO

"Wow, this videographer isn't just any ordinary camera wizard, they're like the Gandalf of filmmaking, conjuring up enchanting videos that'll make your jaw drop and your imagination go on an epic adventure!"
-Dj Youssef, renowned DJ

'Eco Warrior' (2023)
In this edgy horror-comedy short, a new age nature-lover's tranquil forest retreat takes a spine-tingling twist when a showdown with a litterer plunges him into a tricky moral conundrum.

'Shots' (2017)
A dark comedy about a uni fresher as he explores making friends, the effects of Facebook, and 'farmaceuticals'.

Heaven : A Documentary (2015)
Welcome to Heaven. It's not quite what you'd thought it'd be...