QUASI-PHILOSOPHICAL NONSENSE: Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

Nothing is easy – like sleeping in on a Sunday when you’re hungover. But if the universe is sleeping in, why has it decided to be something instead of expiring under its duvet?

Something is like an ice cream on a summers day. Sweet, yet sour. Fattening, each dollop of cold creamy fatness fills up one’s arteries until the pores leak and the excretions mingle with the hot sweat evoked by the blistering heat of the sun.

How did we get this way? Would we rather go back?

There was no vote to be something rather than nothing. Nobody asked me anyway

The answer is simple really: nothing is something. but something is not nothing. and hence, we are something, even though we are also nothing. So it was a stupid question to begin with.

  • Guy Harriman

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