thinking man rodinIs our universe real?

Reality is a funny contraption. One day you can be sure you left your keys on the side, and then the next, they appear in your hand or under the sink. How did they get there? With this question I’ve struggled for centuries… in the figurative sense, bien sur.

Returning to our current dilemma – our universe and it’s debatable quality of “reality” – we should look to the ancient Greeks and study their musings on fact vs. fiction. Plato said that the only thing you can know for sure is that the sun will rise in the morning. But in some parts of the world, the sun rises in the late afternoon. Does this mean that Plato was wrong?

No. You must look between, and to the side of, and perhaps under, the lines. Plato was suggesting that as the sun rises, so must we. We must rise each day and shine our light of knowledge upon the world. Only then will we solve climate change.

Bringing this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion: as we rise, so must the universe. The universe must and will rise each day, like a phoenix from ash, and, like ashes, there is no contestable debate that it is not REAL.

Have you ever heard anyone question the reality of the remains of a smoldering campfire? Ashes have a taste, a touch, a smell. These are qualities which are only bestowed upon those who dwell in the land of reality. Sure, they are envied by the neighbouring province of virtuality, while the great sea of non-reality is ready to greedily engulf those who dare set sail on its unsteady waters, but in reality the universe has made its home, and in reality it shall stay. Thus concludes this lesson.