thinking man rodinDo we have free will?

This question, ah this question.

I have plumbed the murky depths of philosophy for a straight-forward answer to this question, and none have satisfied my intense thirst for logical cohesion.

But, forgive philosophy I must, else how does one go on living? To forgive is to create a brave new relationship with an object or a person. Philosophy and I now live together in symbiotic harmony, and, though she sometimes evokes my anger with her agonising ignorance, we are at peace.

Just last week we were wed. Our honeymoon seems like many moons ago, but I remember it like it was only one or two moons ago. We sat beneath the blinking stars in the outskirts of the Appalachian mountains, sharing fine wine and memories long into the night.

Today we have two children: Truth and Knowledge. It seems like only yesterday that they supped at the teet of their gently cooing mother. I held her hand, and squeezed it, hard, as if to say ‘I’m here for you’ in a non-verbal manner. Her facial reaction gave me all the evidence I needed to validate the theory of free will. And thence, have ye your answer.