Asia Travels Pt.5 “Five Months of Silence and an Obligatory Smiley Face”

I sent this email 5 months after the last one, when I’d been back in the UK for a few months. Check the other posts for context…

In case you were still wondering, 5 months later, it was a bit melo.

So, where the cuff have I been you may be wondering? Well, I’d put all this pressure on myself to finish this silly story that it was no longer fun. Here’s a clinical summary of what happened next in case you were genuinely interested:

I proceeded to have a shitty two weeks in Thailand before throwing in the (damp) towel and buying the ticket out of there to somewhere with saner weather.

The hot humid weather, lack of english-speaking people, and my tendency towards hypochondria compounded together to give me a fortnight-long barrage of anxiety attacks.

Once I started speaking to people about it, I realised that it was a thing: hot humid weather causes anxiety, panic, confusion, dizziness, light-headedness etc. I didn’t know this beforehand and not knowing what was going on made it much much worse. People from countries like England should have some kind of compulsory ‘hot humid weather’ training before going to places like Thailand. 😛 (had to add that smiley face to keep in tone with the rest of this newsletter (offbeat non-humour, sarcasm and self-deprecation)).

(This video resonated with me, in that it explores the tragic journey from innocence to experience, a journey I undertook in my visit to Thailand.)