Asia Travels Pt. 4 “Hot Feet Causes Cold Feet After Attempting to Find Said Feet at a Phuket Market”

The following is a series of emails I sent to friends and families as I was travelling through Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan in early 2017.

I got the taxi obviously.

The drive went well. I was drinking my water, (semi) inside, in (semi) air-con. Maybe it’ll all be (semi) ok?

After I arrived I went to get some food from a nearby market. That’s when I really started feeling weird.

The heat seemed to clog up my lungs and my brain went fuzzy. I was dizzy, light-headed, nauseous and flanked on all sides by fish heads and chicken feet.

Needless to say I started to lose my appetite.

Panicking silently, I turned around and made my back to the hotel, resisting the urge to grab the nearest western-looking person and scream “HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU HAVE SUNSTROKE COS I FEEL REALLY HOT AND A BIT SICK BUT I’VE BARELY BEEN IN THE SUN AND ONLY BEEN OUTSIDE FOR A COUPLE HOURS…” etc.

I tried reasoning with myself.

‘You don’t have sunstroke…you’ve only been in the sun for about 10 minutes… don’t be so melodramatic.’

Little did I know this melodrama wasn’t so “melo” after all… or was it? (Love these cheesy cliffhanger lines)


(I think I’m justified in putting this Withnail & I scene in here. I wrote “chicken” didn’t I?)