Asia Travels Pt. 3 “Squeezy Peanut Butter and a Plethora of Showers”

The following is a series of emails I sent to friends and families as I was travelling through Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan in early 2017.

Day 2 in Phuket.

I awoke, showered and broke my fast on the strange pseudo-western food at the hostel (including very small toast and peanut butter from what looks like a recycled mustard bottle).

After spending a couple of hours sorting out some things at an internet cafe across the road (air conditioning absent, poor quality fans present), I’d already started to feel the effects of the heat. The world started closing in and I swayed a little on my way back to the hostel.

Even though I’d already checked out I asked if I could splash some water on my face using the sink in the dorm room. I stuck my head under the tap and jammed it on full blast, glad that no one was there to judge as about a quarter of the water landed neither in the sink nor on my person.

After I felt sufficiently drenched, I went downstairs and spoke to the staff members about getting to Rawai beach, the area where the MMA camp was situated.

Decision time.

The non-AC, terrifically slow local bus for a few bob, or the AC, fast and direct taxi for lots of bob?

What do you think I went for?


P.S. Here’s a photo that I think sums up the experience quite nicely: